Cargo for the MS explorer


Cargo now gets generated at the beginning and dropped on the boat. Its purely random at the moment so it can be unforgiving. but this will be improved in the future.

When all the cargo is off the boat it wil restart the run, in the future this will probably open a menu where you can see how good you did and chose if you want to redo the round or start a new one.

Raft Colliders

When I said in my last post that the breaking of the boat worked. I ment it kind of worked, let me explain.

Example object

When an object exists of one object with a rigidbody and children with colliders. Like this.

It will make it a compound collider, simply explained all the child colliders will respond to the root object.

Usually this is exactly what you want, and that was in this case two. but the problem was that the raft exists out of components (planks, boxes, fences, etc..) and when they break off neet to be able to flow on its own. So in a nutshell they needed a rigidbody, but are not allowed to have it because then the compound collider doesn’t work.

The way I fixed it first was, disabling everything I could. but this gave me strange behavior at times. So I went to the drawing board and started researching how to clone/copy an unity component. My thought was to clone the rigidbody before deleting and recreating it when it gets detached from the raft.

I found some scripts and tried them, but copy was so good that when deleting the original it also deleted the clone. I ended up just creating new rigidbody and copying the imported values over.


Rigidbody gets deleted if a part of the raft and created if its not


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