Weekly Update: Week 2

Boat destruction & Cargo

The boat destruction has been enhanced big-time. Health is now a factor and not avoiding collisions for those dearly-loved coins will result in unavoidable death. The more boat pieces you lose, the faster you will lose cargo, which has now been changed to actual cargo instead of ragdolls (we will miss you, dear ragdolls!). Cargo is important as it is something you’ll have to keep in check.


Biome Generation

This week we have implemented most of the important parts of our game. The level now has actual obstacles and the ravine, the first (of many?) biomes, is taking shape nicely. Coin formation is now also implemented so that an extra challenge is added to the game. What will the coins be used for? Well, for now, nothing yet but it is assured to become an important part of the game.


However, there is still a lot that has to be done in order to deliver a complete experience for River Rundown.


Our artists have been hard at work to get some meshes cooked up for the game. The low-poly approach helps both speed up the process and, at the same time, gives a well-know but distinct feel to what our game will become. It also helps improve performance without going trough the whole optimizing work.


The Android port is looking to shape up nicely, as an icon has been added. The Android release will be the main way to play the game, although it is supported by the WebGl end x86 build as well. Be sure to read the separate articles to know who did what.


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