Adding mechanics.

Our first prototype last week proved to be lacking in a lot of areas so we had to go back to the drawing board as well as refine some things.

This week I have added way-point-based movement that works for all kinds of stuff, like floating objects as well as non-intractable objects. It adds more life to the levels too.

Speaking about life, we have pinpointed the idea to base a lot of the “enemy” mechanics on animals and what they seem to do. So I made a squid and we all know what those do; collide with one and see your screen splattered with ink.

There have also been a significant number of changes to the underlying code-system which was definitely needed. Mechanics have been ordered more logically (also in tandem with the animal system) and code has been optimized. The UIManager has received an upgrade as well as the DataManager and GameManager. Some legacy code has been changed up to work more logically and systems have been migrated to other scripts. Seemingly insignificant changes but these were vital to the proliferation of the project.

The PickUp system has been slightly reworked too, to comly more with the way other scripts work instead of each script working totally different (coherency is important too!). The Health system now is just 3 “hearts” instead of the destructible boat from before (which proved to be too complex for our own good). I did the UI/UX side of things, Gilles did the actual implementation to make it work with the new boat.

  • Yoni Van Gucht

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