Weekly Update: Week 3

Where it all went wrong

So last week our prototype was shut down as we did not deliver a well-polished and mostly not fun prototype. However, some of the general concepts were okay so we stated expanding upon those. We decided to drop the destructible boat along with the procedural stuff. Mainly because our control over those things was virtually non-existant. This led to some awkward scenarios where the player would die a multitude of times because of bad item placement.

The big change

The biggest changes have been in the way the boat controls, before it was a physics-driven model that was way too complex for our “cartoony” game. We have switched over to a standard player controller. Although this requires some more work, it’s already miles ahead of our previous model, and better it simply works. 


The procedural generation of the level has been switched up to a pre-made design where we have control over everything. However, the procedural stuff has not been discarded yet, as we still plan to add it to the sides of the level to decorate it but still have a unique feeling each time you play.

Some extra sauce has been added to the game as well, in the form of our first animals, the crocodile and the squid, you’ll have to play to see what they do to you. Models of these are also in the works but their respective scripts are implemented.


So some big changes have been made but we stand firmly behind that decision, although disappointed at first. Be sure to check out the new build!

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