Weekly Update: Week 4

The game takes shape

So last week we had to start a lot of things over again. Right now, we can tell that was a good idea, the game is starting to feel way more engaging and is starting to look like an actual game. So that also meant cleaning up a lot of the legacy code and changing our workflow a little bit.

The biggest improvements are the boat itself as both a new model and a new controller have been added. The new controller is great, since it gives more feedback to the user. It also looks pretty cool.


Visual overhaul

The levels have been dressed in as well, filling the void from before. The UI has now better feedback so the user knows what’s going on, which is quite important as we go forward into play testing.

You can test the build here, as usual.

Also we changed to a dark theme for fun, we like it better. What do you think?


  • Team17

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