Implementing the store

So this week I have been working on the in-game store. This allows you to upgrade your ship and some of its parameters like how much brake you have or how fast that brake recharges. This opens up a new way to play the game since it will not be possible to achieve victory without really upgrading your boat. Unless you try a dozen of times, that is. The store pops up when passing a checkpoint and gives you some time to buy things. For now, you can upgrade your vessel indefinitely but that’s a balancing issue for later.


The UI of the game has been reworked as well, a new font has been added and the HUD now looks different (it makes more sense). This is to enhance another important factor in a game; the UX or user experience. This has been reworked based on some feedback I got from friends.New_UI

  • Yoni Van Gucht

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