Weekly Update: Week 5


This week, everything has revolved around polish. While the differences with previous builds look plenty, most of the changes have been where you can’t see them. Bug fixes, UX enhancements, artwork optimization and so on. The result we got was a more enjoyable experience that lives up to being an easy-to-learn game with little to worry about.PROJECTS

Major Additions

Even though optimization was the major thing this week, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been all-new additions.

The store in checkpoints are one thing, you can now use the coins to actually buy meaningful things. There’s still a lot of work to do to balance these things, of course.

The change in theme is about the most notable thing when comparing to the previous build. Before, we took the standard mobile like theme, so that meant a colourful palette and low-poly, shape oriented models. When someone took away the main light in the scene, we were immediately sold on the new theme. We all agreed on the fact that it just fits better for the type of game we wanted to create. In that area, there is still a lot of work to be done as well.

Here you can test the new build.

  • Team17

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