Weekly Update: Week 6

Finalizing the UX

This week’s changes consist of a plethora of things. First of all, the UI has been updated with custom icons and images to be more coherent with the style of our. As most things right now, this still requires some work and we still need to agree on some things on how they’ll work and/or look.


The store in-game now also enjoys an upgrade path; a maximum of 12 total upgrades can now be done and will be displayed as custom icons to show where the current upgrades are. The UI now navigates properly with a controller as well.

Making the levels more vivid

The animals in the game have received an upgrade in visuals as well, making them shape-wise more distinct and pop their colors more so your impending doom is more obvious. Another nice addition is that the town wakes up when you arrive to buy things in the store, make sure you save up those coins!animals
The water is more or less implemented as well, it used to be a flat texture but now it’s a decent shader. The main problem was that the web build does not support geometry shading, which in turn made the whole shader a tad more difficult. We’re looking forward to finalizing this as well.

wdwd (1)

Obviously all of this went along with a plethora of bug fixes and optimizations.

Test out the new build here.

  • Team17

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