Weekly Update: Week 8

The store and the new map-system

This week the store has received a facelift , it now has brand-new custom icons that fit more into the game. However, there are still a couple of other menu’s that require attention from our artists.


Along with that we’ve also started work on a new map system that is dependent on the progression of the player. We will take the more classic approach of making a map that holds all the levels and will allow he player to select which one he’ll pick next, as long as it’s already been unlocked.

The boat

The boat now has a trail behind it, while this wasn’t a big change, it does feel a bit more realistic and it just looks better.


There are also animations on the character (which is still a placeholder) when rowing or falling. In the main menu you can see the boat passing along with some animations, just make sure you play the game, too!

  • Team17

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