Weekly Update: Week 9

Working on the user interface

This week, some more work has been done to assure a consistent, yet usable interface that is production-worthy. While more work is needed, the UI has taken a nice turn from here.


Model revamping

Many models have been revamped to fit better or just to look nicer overall. This includes all of the river parts, those look nicer and slightly more realistic now, and the squid (that was actually an octopus) was also changed up this more-so because of the animation/rigging of the model. A new addition to the river parts is a narrower part, where the river shrinks and speeds up.

Along with that, a couple of changes in the effects around the boat have been made as well.


Another seemingly minor change is the welding of the river parts (the water planes). It’s not noticeable at first but it saves a lot of headaches for the programmers as well as the artists.


Before and after

You can test the build here.

  • Team17

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