Weekly Update: Week 10

Lots of work on the level design

Our levels have finally reached the point where they are production-ready; that means neither too hard nor too easy. More indicative pieces have been added to guide the player like torches and particles that indicate water currents.


While challenging, the levels are certainly more rewarding as well. They flow more naturally too, which is always a big bonus. Now we just need more levels. We plan to finish around 12 by June.

Something else to note is that the boat now has a spotlight instead of a lantern (made more sense) so you’ll spot things farther ahead of you.

Crocodile Animation


The welding of the plane vertices has proved to severely impact loading times. However, this week a lot of work on the script has made the loading times way shorter and it’s mostly unnoticeable when you compare it with week 8.

Character creation

While the previous name did not fit our vision over the game anymore, the character fits even less. So we’ve come up with a grim reaper like character that’ll control the boat. Along with it we’ve actually rebranded the game as “The Grim River”. Something that was pretty important since the change in theme a couple of months ago, we just never came around to it.

You can test the new build here.

  •  Team17

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