So, this is it, the final, really final, final final post. There’s nothing more left to do, everyone has worked to get to this point. The point where we can safely say that we have delivered a game that looks like a game. We started from scratch and managed to build something that is truly ours. While our path towards this was everything but straight, the things we had to discard ultimately learned us a few lessons.

Today, we can present a performant Unity WebGL build (that, on its own, is already an achievement) everyone can test, with controller or without. Controls and overall feel have greatly improved over the last few days, as has consistency and level design.

We can be proud in a way because we have done everything we wanted and even more. Along with the actual production of the game also comes the post-production or what happens after the game. We made a promotional trailer and informative artwork along with it. That makes presenting our project so much more fun.

Thanks to everyone for following this project! And don’t forget to play:



Team 17


Final Update

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