Some small fixes.

i fixed some problems with the vertice allignment so that the welding is correct and our river is nice and neat.

I’m still working on fixing our character’s animation as it is a bit wonky still.


Meet the Grim Reaper!

The Grim reaper they call him, reaper of souls and carrying them back to the underworld. Help him face the river Styx and deliver the souls to the gates of hell.

The reaper still needs some work and will be implemented in the game shortly.




Some better river parts and Bob!

In general i have been working on making the river parts a bit wider and more optimized and make some more parts as well.

I made a start- and endpiece for a level: A small dock where you can load/unload you supplies.

And off course! A boat needs a captain and his name is Bob! He will deliver supllies down the crazy river. He is still a work in progress but he will do the job.



  • Brian Demets