Levels + Fixes

I worked on my 2 levels. I made a new level and adjusted my previous level to make it playable.


I readded the Flickering effect that occurs when you get damaged.

A new screen overlay for ink has also been made.


Level Updates + More small things

I worked on my previous level, I made it more playable. I also made a second level.

The crocodile should no longer follow you after a hit.

Optimisation to the welding.


Fixing river seams

I started working on adding our new boat meshes in the game as upgrades.


Most of my time was spent on fixing vertices not properly aligning with the use of our shader. I implemented a system that welds vertices when loading a level so everything stays smooth


Level progression

I worked on the level progression. You now need to work your way up through the levels. Harder levels are locked until you beat the easy ones.

I also made a very basic animation for our main menu to give it a little a bit of life.