Cue sound

This last two weeks i have spend on 2 things.

  • my 2 levels
  • sounds

I tried to make my two levels more interesting and playable. still not fully sure about my second level ‘speedy’, I like the concept but it needs to be a bit more interesting.

The second thing is sound mixing, never done it before. And I’m conflicted about the process. Nobody likes listening to the same sounds on loop. but i hope the sound i a lot better then the original temp sounds are in that.


River path

this week i worked some more on the UI. Fixing some small glitches and settings menu. But mainly on level select, it is working now. it also shows the level id and name. The same with the best score and coins collected in the levels.


Repainting the menus

This week i spend some time recreating our menus with the new assets provided. i also changed the way we do menus. We used to have one prefab with all the menus in them. and while this worked, it was not handy at all. because everything was on big prefab

You could not have a button prefab or menu prefab. this made it hard to work with. So now the menus get created in code and use the prefabs provided. It also uses the unity implemented Layouts to make everything position nicely.

The only menu that will still change is the level select. We have decided to make it a river map where you go from one side to the other. But I have not yet gotten around to that. But below you can see what the idea is.


Levels and menus

During the vacations I had the opportunity to let children of all ages play the game. Now while this was a cool thing one there was one real problem. The current levels where way to hard for sure. This was already problem for newcomers ages. So easing players in was my next working point.

But we totally didn’t have a system in place to add levels quickly and flexible. And menus als were quite static so we would manually include and remove levels.

So working backwards. I improved the way our menus work. and made the level menu generate it buttons when it gets opened then added the level system and finally added the ease-in levels

Prefab nesting

While building a level this week i started noticing that some of our prefabs have been broken. This was because these prefabs existed  out of objects that also where prefabs. And prefab nesting doesn’t work. So i started messing around on the side looking at ways to fix this problem. Why do we need it fixed? Well if we want to be able to build levels quickly we will have to have obstetrical prefabs. groups of predefined objects that we only need to rotate and or position.

Other then that I have mainly been working on my level and looking for bugs and improving code.

The little things

This week I didn’t really do any big things. I spend some time fixing and improving things.

Last week we rewrote a lot of code and didn’t spend anytime to delete old code. So I spend some time going through scripts and deleting unused code.
The same for our level.

The Camera now has a slight delay in movement to give a better speed feeling.
The checkpoint that where added last week are now zones, This wil give the player some breathing room during a level.